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Car Charger



Charger Adapter

USB Cable

Multi Colors

Available in four highly polished high-end finishes. The material is super durable and scratch-resistant. 


Pure Sound Quality

Experience amazing sound quality with our professional audio sound cable. The shielding and anti-jamming technology enable the transmittance of higher sound quality from the source.

Why Choose Us?

Hassle-free Warranty

With our after-sales warranty plans, you may enjoy unequaled warranty packages.

Customer Support

Our quick and easy-to-reach customer service ensures that you are constantly protected.

Trendy Products

Our designers are constantly striving to set trends with creative solutions.

Trusted by Our Customers

We are pleased to have many satisfied customers who recommended our products to their peers. for us that's the highest level of trust. 

Are your charger adapters safe to use?

Yes, indeed. We utilize automatic current distribution technology to provide a consistent flow of electric current during the charging process. Our adapters also have a robust copper body that remains cool during the charging experience.

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FAQ #1

How can I claim my warranty?

Our products are designed in a way that they'll never break. However if for specific reasons they stop to function as they are supposed to our warranty programs can insure that you'll receive a replacement.

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FAQ #2

How can we reach your support team? 

We're a lean forward customer-focused company and our support team is available via our website, by email, and our dedicated toll numbers as well as our social media platforms.

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FAQ #3

Featured Products

Car Charger 

Charge up your phone in car

Model: CC26

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Color USB Cable

Fashionable multicolor USB cables

Model: CA-78

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Phone Charger Dual Port

Durable Single port phone charger

Model: AD36

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Audio Cable

Ultra professional Audio Cable


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Ring Buckle

Multipurpose phone ring buckle


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USB Cable

Superfast charging line


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Mobile Accessories Renovated.


Ivon is a global innovator in the accessories sector, providing power, protection, productivity, connectivity, and audio solutions for a wide range of consumer devices 


Dual Purpose Bracket

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Clear Audio

Your phone will never slip away again 

Strong Grip

Durable, beautiful, and thin dual-purpose bracket for desktop, table, and car. The internal soft TPU material will not damage the mesh and makes the clamping more stable. 

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Antioxidant Gold Plated Joint

The paint has several layers and baked many times to ensure long product life durability. The copper core's paint coat transmits the original quality.


Always Full Battery

Safe Fast Charging Car Charger

Dual USB Port

Never run out of charge again. Your cell phone will be fully charged 50% faster with Ivon phone charger designed and made specifically for cars. The USB port can support two devices connectivity. 


50% Faster Charge

Low Temperature

Speed up charging experience without damaging phone battery. The Bold Full copper core remains cool while safely charging up your phone.

Multiple Device Compatible

Multiple devices are widely compatible with our phone chargers. Experience unparalleled phone charging with our automatic current distribution phone charging technology. 

Dual USB Port

Charge up to two devices and never worry about running out of charge again. Our automatic current adapter technology can safely charge up your phone 50% faster. 


Outstanding Styles

Fine Touch

Soft, skin-friendly wear resistant

Stylish Colors

Match cable color with your device or your desktop. Our fashionable data line cables are made with high-tech materials with soft outer layers. 

Mobile Accessories Renovated

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